We glaze, we flock and then we pull up our socks! we caked, we baked and decided we needed to wheel, so in came a potter and made us kneel, to the humble art of using his wheel!

A love of pottery- Over 3 decades in the world of ceramics

The craft of pottery has been handed down through three generations, with each adding their own personal style. The family has been immersed in the world of ceramics for over three decades and continue to evolve.

The once rickety hobby studio, has grown to a large production establishment, providing some of the India’s most reputable retailers, restaurants, and luxury hotels with quality tableware. Even now, our core focus remains on the craft of pottery.

At the heart of Nira’s, we strive to encourage artisans and potters and give them a platform to create beautiful handmade ceramics.

Bringing together Earth, Water, Fire and Love!

Just like any other handcrafted object, our tableware pieces have a bit of charisma breathed into them and always carry a part of the creator’s soul. Each piece of tableware is delicately put together with an effort of love and has a unique charm of its own. 

A handmade piece lends a feeling of comfort and hygge to our busy everyday life and elevates our daily experiences in to a cherished ritual.

The team behind it all

Our team consists of thirty skilled local artisans, potters and painters. Their skill and experience combined with our design aesthetics help in creating hand-crafted products that bring life into homes.

Bringing together Earth, Water, Fire and Love!

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