Stacked stones carefully balanced on each other, next to the sounds of a flowing river emerge from the need to create order out of nature’s seeming chaos. A way of meditation, a way of worship – these simple structures carry so much meaning! The act of creating this stack may seem simple at first, but eventually becomes almost therapeutic as everything else slowly blurs away. The mind is rid of negativity and pure positive energy flows through your body bringing a feeling of zen.

The pebbles near river streams have their edges smoothed over years of flowing with the current, colliding against one another. These pebbles have inspired the form of the pieces in this collection with rounded edges and smooth surfaces - pieces that can be stacked on top of each other. The colour inspiration of this collection comes from the natural tones of pebbles, set against the calm blue tones of the flowing river.

Create your own zen by creating a stack of these pieces.

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